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Circular loom > SBYZ-850X6


1.Use the special DST (Direct Synchronization Torque) motor, instead of the previous complicated V-belt drive system,to drive the flat cam directly, to achieve the obvious improvements like: High efficiency,Energy saving, Low consumption & Low fault.
2.Shuttle unit: adopt idler wheel form shuttle, non-lubrication, low pollution.
3.High precision automatic warp tension control system, it offers good condition for better quality fabric.
4.Electrical control system: adopt the European famous-brand program processor to control the loom, strong function, concentrated control, easy operation.
5.Apply to produce flexible intermediate bulk container(FIBC'S), flat container fabric (U-panel FIBC), tarpaulin, geo-textiles and some other woven fabric.

 Products PIC :

  Technical data :

Number of shuttles6pc
Weft insertion1200ppm
Working width/double flat300~850mm
Working width/double flat(At reduced pick rate)700~850mm
Number of warp tape576pc
Warp/weft core inside diameter35mm
Warp/weft core length218mm
Warp bobbin diameter(max)160mm
Weft bobbin diameter(max)115mm
Main motor power3Kw
Warp infeed motor rating0.15 Kw×2
Haul off motor rating0.37 Kw
Winder torque motor rating1.6Nm
Max. roll diameterφ1200mm
Dimensions (A×D×B)10100×2800×2950mm

Because of the continuous design improvement, some specification change may not be prior notice.